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Free Home Energy Advice in Northamptonshire

Energy Savers are local people who want to save energy and money. We are a new community energy project that has been set up by Wellingborough Eco Group and the Centre for Sustainable Energy to help save energy and cut your bills. Supported by Glamis Hall and other community organisations, we offer free simple home energy advice in Northamptonshire via this website and at workshops.

If your house or flat is uninsulated and draughty, and if your appliances are inefficient, then you’re wasting energy and money, and making yourself less snug and warm. Browse our site for ways to make your home more energy efficient.

On this website and at our workshops we provide advice and information on a wide range of energy saving topics, from helping you to understand all about different forms of insulation, to how to get the most out of the heating in your home, as well as help understanding your energy bill.

The topics covered are just some of those we currently advise people about. To find out more have a look at our advice page, or click on any of the links in our main menu. The menu is available on the sidebar or from the box at the top of the site if using a mobile phone. We will be adding to these regularly, but if you think there’s anything we’ve missed, let us know!

About our partners

Wellingborough Eco Group has been set up to help improve our borough’s environment, to reduce, reuse and recycle; and to help local people reduce their carbon footprints. Energy Savers is one of many projects and groups that Wellingborough Eco Group offer. To find out more click on Home at the top of the menu!

The Centre for Sustainable Energy is an independent national charity that was initiated in 1979. They are based in Bristol and their work has relevance and impact across the UK. They are set up to help people and communities to meet real needs for both environmentally sound and affordable energy services. Much of the content on this website has been supplied by and with the permission of the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Similar content and more can be found at https://www.cse.org.uk/

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