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We provide advice and information on a wide range of energy saving topics

If your house or flat is uninsulated and draughty, and if your appliances are inefficient, then you’re wasting energy and money, and making yourself less snug and warm. If your bills are wrong or you are not with the right supplier, you could also be paying too much.

Energy Savers has been set up to help people understand all about different forms of insulation, how to get the most out of the heating in their homes, as well as help understanding their energy bills. We are here to help save energy and cut your bills. We offer simple home energy advice in Northamptonshire via this website and at workshops.

The pages listed below are just some of the topics we currently advise people about. These pages are also available in our main menu on the sidebar, or from a box at the top of the site if using a mobile phone. If you think there’s anything we’ve missed, let us know!

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